Wecome to Soma Medical Inc
Soma Medical is an international company in the internal air quality and infection control sector. The company's continuous commitment in the field of technology innovation has allowed Soma Medical to be successful with customized protocols, solutions and products for various applications.

Soma Medical's green concepts (water-based anti microbial coatings) ensures exceptional infection control methods compared to conventional disinfectants which are used for cleaning, fogging and fumigation. Our products are useful for maintaining, purification of air from pollutants present in the external and internal environments, reduced maintenance, high anti-microbial and mould action, and deodorizing and hygienising action. Products developed by Soma Medical apply the principle of photocatalysis, a natural phenomenon whose photo-chemical process is activated by the combined action of light and air

Our clients are from government, corporate to clients from all living or working spaces. We are working in a worldwide market and our products have already been accepted internationally and thus we are able to bring in the latest solutions to the Indian market. With Corporate HQ in Malaysia & International Head Quarters in Singapore, the company's Indian Operations is based out of Chennai. The Indian operations are lead by a team of people who has over a decade's experience in the same domain.

From our Chennai office, we work through our dedicated distributors and partners in various Indian states.
Soma Medical, the name you can trust for air quality and infection control.