A hospital premises is always mitigated with bacteria and germs and these can sometimes contribute to the development and spread of infections. Infections can be potentially very harmful so it is important to try and control and prevent the spread of infection, especially in areas such as hospitals where patients are already ill and therefore susceptible to infection.

Steps can be taken to control and prevent infections in a variety of settings, from the home to the hospital. In hospitals, members of staff are highly trained in the prevention of cross-infection and work to strict regulations. They also wash their hands on a regular basis, use alcohol hand gel, wear protective clothing, take special precautions when dealing with infected patients and dispose of waste in specific ways. Now when antimicrobial coating is given to all the surfaces, which includes walls, floors, ceiling and equipment the chances of microorganism growing is controlled and the worry of infection is kept at bay.

Nosocomial infections are the cause of worry for health care. Approximately 10% of hospital patients (millions every year) acquire a clinically significant nosocomial infection. We have developed SOMA Medical's Protocols. In addition to this protocol, for Operation Theaters, ICUs and Wards, SOMA MEDICAL also offers Forward Defence Mechanism System (FDMS) for the prevention of potential outbreaks of diseases such as Influenza A (H1N1), SARS, Tuberculosis, Bacterial Meningitis and other similar diseases. This readily available and preventive solution is known as the FDMS and addresses this issue by means of specific and specialized decontamination treatment services. This will provide isolation rooms and clean rooms throughout the hospital.

Benefits of SOMA Medical's Protocol
  • Fungal, Bacteria, Yeast, Virus, Spore free environment.
  • Broad spectrum so no resistance, mutation or spores formation.
  • Eliminate conventional fumigation and fogging.
  • Avoid chemical disinfectants.
  • Reduce ALOS, Patients can be discharged with less chances of infection.
  • Savings on disinfectants, labor, energy in excess of Rs.20000 per month.
  • More number of Surgeries and less down time.
  • No spilling of disinfectants on Sensitive instruments.
SOMA Medical's Products and Services
  • Internal Air Quality consultancy and auditing.
  • UV Max tm range of products and developed with the UV-C technology
  • Sanitization using UVC-Germicidal Air Purification Systems
  • Bipolar Ionization technology
  • bio surface shield th Anti Microbial coating
  • Pollution level testing and controlling services
  • Contamination and particle count reports and certifications


On an average, people spend 90% of their time indoor, working, sleeping, driving, shopping, entertaining etc. The quality of the air in offices, factories, homes, schools, malls, hotels, spas, restaurants, public buildings are not as healthy as the air outside. US EPA and its Science Advisory Board have ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health (US EPA, 1993). Bad air can also lead to various health risks and recent studies have linked heart attacks to poor air.


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